[Car] KIT 1P (Single Cover)

-Crafted from 1/8 inch non-glare acrylic which is equipped with Cool white or Warm White strip that's rated up to 30,000 hours! The setup if your looking for a single Cover.




  1. Remove your license plate from your vehicle and remove any dirt/residue.
  2. Please be sure that your license plate is flat; not bent anywhere and has no structural damage that may compromise the shape/structure of a flat license plate. This will help ensure that your license digits will be accurately outlined. 
  3. If using standard scanner; Please send two different images (left/right) side of the plate which includes the corners in each scan. For best results, use a large scanner. (If you do not personally own one, use your local FedEx, Office Depot, or Kinkos) 
  4. Upon checkout, attach your file in the original size. Please be sure that your scanned file is in its original size to prevent delays in processing your order. Import scan as a JPEG file.
  5. If we have any difficulty utilizing your scan, we will let you know.

Kit 1:

  1. Led strip x1
  2. Hardware x2
  3. Custom plate x1
  4. Adjustable dimmer x1


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