(Car) Kit 2P L.E.D license plate cover [Front & Rear Cover]

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(Car) Kit 2P [Front & Rear]

If you are looking for 2 plate covers (Front & Rear), This is the kit for you. 

Our custom light up led license plate cover is truly one of a kind! Each and every order is carefully done by our staff to make sure that your custom cover fits your plate. Each order is made in the USA!

Front plate: Classic or Filled



  1. Remove your license plate from your vehicle to remove any dirt/residue.
  2. Please be sure that your license plate is flat; not bent anywhere and has no structural damage that may compromise the shape/structure of a flat license plate. This will help ensure that your license digits will be accurately outlined. 
  3. If using standard scanner; Please send two different images (left/right) side of the plate which includes the corners in each scan. For best results, use a large scanner. (If you do not personally own one, use your local FedEx, Office Depot, or Kinkos)  
  4. Upon checkout, please attach your file in the original size to Please be sure that your scanned file is in its original size to prevent delays in processing your order. Import scan as a PDF, JPEG file.
  5. If we have any difficulty utilizing your scan, we will let you know. 
  6. (Let us know if you would like your front cover filled in.)


  1. Led Strip x2
  2. Hardware x4
  3. Custom plate x2
  4. Quick disconnect x2
  5. Adjustable dimmer x1



Illum-Industries guarantees the quality of our product. All illuminated custom license plates come with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Depending on our assessment, guarantee service comprises, free of charge, the replacement of the product. Any defects in the product, such as wiring, are covered under this 1 year warranty. Excluded are products damaged due to inappropriate usage (e.g. mechanical and cosmetic damages due to mishandling), damages from collision, wear and tear, excessive force, and defects which were known at the time of purchase are excluded from guarantee claims. The guarantee is void if the product is manipulated by non-authorized persons or repair stations.

In the case of a claim under the terms of this warranty, notify us by emailing and attach proof of purchase and receipt of the product with pictures of said damages. Upon receipt, we will work on replacing the product and send instructions on returning the damaged product.


Warning: Laws concerning use of this product vary from state to state. Your state may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty plates, show-cars or off-road areas only. In some states, including without limitation California, off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state and local laws and regulations.